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If you look at this lovely blue stone you will see within it the colors of the sea and sky. It has a strong harmonious feminine energy and calls forth feelings of a spiritual nature. Healers may use this stone in layouts at any of the chakras from the heart chakra up, but it is most effective at the heart and throat chakra.

This stone may aid you to release deep seated pain, resentment and fear. Within the thymus chakra, its vibration will aid you to forgive others that may have caused you difficulties… and to clear deep seated emotional pain.

It might be helpful to wear a piece close to the where you are feeling the pain… to keep the energy working at its highest capacity. It is an excellent stone to aid you to clear any negative entities or other attachments… and is a helpful stone if you have side effects related to kundalini awakening, as it is calming and soothing.

It is known to assist the removal of energy blockages… especially in the throat, chest, neck area and head. It is said to aid blood pressure problems and soothe infections in the chest, throat and head. You may wish to place a piece of Larimar stone on the sore spot.

The vibration of Larimar Stone is known to help with enhancing creativity, and it may help you to find creative ways to accomplish your soul purpose in this incarnation as it encourages spiritual perception.

It has a strong healing vibration that will help you if you have problems managing anger, as it is cooling to the emotions.

This stone resonates primarily through the throat chakra… and its vibration is all about how you communicate. The Larimar meaning relates to the way it helps you to clearly say those things that you need to say, in a way that others will understand.

This stone of the Goddess augments your feminine power and your connection to Divine feminine energy. The beautiful blue Larimar Stone will soothe and heal your emotions, and it helps to relieve stress. It inspires self assurance and helps you to develop a bright cheery temperament.

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